Finding the Perfect Powder Scent Perfume

Nothing says feminine, clean and fresh like the fragrance of soft powder. While many enjoy the benefits of powder to the skin, such as enhanced softness and that velvety touch, many women crave this same scent and feel, nut in perfume form. There are many options available on the market for the woman who wishes to take advantage of these properties. The best powder scent perfume is only a spritz away.

Some perfumes to mention are Amber Mist by Avon and Here’s My Heart by Avon. These two are worth mentioning simply due to the delicate and powdery scent that radiates from the product, as well as a fantastic price point, both of which every woman can afford.

Other perfumes can be found with a little higher of a price point, Valentina Poudre Valentino and Love Chloe, as well as Candy, by Prada are wonderful selections on the higher end spectrum. These powdery fragrances are coupled with hints of floral undertones, making the feminine experience and beautiful and unique one.

Summer Vanilla by Bettina Barty as well as Wild Orchid by Zara are stronger scents, yet the undistinguishable powder scent leaves both the skin and the wearer draped in overall feminine allure. With multiple price points and options ranging from floral to light powder fragrances, one is sure to find something to delight and please the senses.